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Superfine pulverizer and traditional pulverizer

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   In the market, the technical requirements of the ultra-fine pulverizer are more and more strict. The traditional pulverizer is not satisfied with the production process. With the continuous improvement and improvement of crushing technology in recent years, the technology of ultra-fine pulverizer came into being. Its new ultra-fine pulverizer has reached the prosperous national standard in induction function, and can completely meet the needs of modern process damage. Its extensive application and excellent function are quickly accepted by various professions. There are differences between the ultra-fine pulverizer and the traditional destructor. The ultra-fine destruction machine is not only the destruction machine that can make the fine powder particles, but also the ultra-fine destruction machine. Because most of the destruction machines are the destruction of materials in the traditional meaning, such as ore, grain, etc. And the requirements for fineness are not high, generally about 100 mesh, without the concept of ultra micro. In addition, the phenomenon of over failure is taken as an unfavorable factor to reduce wear and heat in the process of failure, which should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, in the process of planning and using the traditional destructor, the content of fine powder should be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce the heat of the machine and the wear of the destructor parts. Add material flow. Therefore, this kind of damage machine is not suitable for the use of ultra micro damage machine. If this kind of damage machine is used as the ultra-fine damage machine, it will have the phenomenon of high heating, excessive wear and brief damage of the motor. The reason is that the machine is in an abnormal working condition. This phenomenon is often encountered in the destruction mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine.