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QPG Pneumatic spray dryer

QPG Pneumatic spray dryer 1. The principle of work Pneumatic spray drying process can be divided into two kinds according to the needs of the craft one kind is spraying type the nozzle set up at the roof of dryer after atomizingthe liqu...


   QPG Pneumatic spray dryer
1. The principle of work
   Pneumatic spray drying process can be divided into two kinds according  to the needs of the craft, one kind is spraying type, the nozzle set up at the roof of dryer, after atomizing,the liquid and hot air become cocurrent flow and finish the drying process from up to bottom, suitable for high viscosity and heat sensitive material; Another is the nozzle in the bottom of the dryer, after atomizing, the liquid and hot air become cocurrent flow and finish the drying process from bottom to up, suitable for the material which has good heat resistance performance drying, the traditional small water reducers have adopted this way. Gas flow spray dryer's atomizer, also called gas flow nozzle, nozzle structure is generally simple, low viscosity and high viscosity liquid materials all can atomize, widely use and particles are fine, generally about 5-30 microns, large elasticity of operation. But its weakness is obvious, that is used for atomization,the compressed air has large power consumption. Mainly used for spray drying high viscosity material liquid or larger molecular weight  organic liquid materials. Gas flow nozzle can be divided into two fluid and three fluid according to the structure, and the two fluid can be divided into outside mix model and inside mix model.
Working principle: the two fluid (or three fluid) nozzle atomizer, using compressed air (or steam, etc) and liquid materials in difference of subsonic or supersonic speed, make the regular and the sticky materials into tiny droplets through atomizing, and quickly exchange with drying thermal medium, in a very short time dry to be powder.
2. Product features
able to deal with solution,turbid liquid, mash and causticity, high hardness and many other kinds of physical properties materials.
convenient operation, reliable, can realize the automatic control operation according to customer's requirement.
higher heat efficiency, according to customers' needs can choose steam, electrical heating, fire coal, fuel oil, gas stove, etc.
operating environment is good, the dust emissions reach the national standards.
excellent product drying quality, uniform particle size.
3. Application example
chemical industry: white carbon black, concrete additive, barium sulfate, alkali chromium sulfate, aluminum, titanium oxide, kaolin, ferrite, steatite, carbide, fertilizer, humid acid, dye, detergent, CR auxiliaries, latex, Water Purifying Agent, resin, plastic, cryolite, etc.
food industry: dextrin,maltose,protein, egg yolk powder, oligosaccharides, particle grease, instant coffee, starch, spices, fruit and vegetable particles.
pharmaceutical industry: traditional powder, antibiotics, biochemical products, vitamin, pesticide powder, protein hydrolysate, enzyme, single cell protein, etc.
building materials industry: ceramic preform body, glaze materials, superfine powder, etc. environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization, papermaking black liquor and pharmaceutical factory waste liquid treatment, etc.
4. Technical parameters
model QPG25 QPG50 QPG150 QPG300 QPG500 QPG1000
Evaporative water kg/h 25 50 150 300 500 1000
Drying tower diameter m 0.9 1 1.2 2.2 3 4.2
Height m 10 10 11 12 15 18
Atomization form              Gas flow sprayer nozzle
Atomization pressure 0.4~0.88Mpa
others 1、heat source:steam、electrical heat、fire coal、fuel oil、gas stove
2、above data only use for reference,the detail according to the real situation
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