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CT drying oven

CT、CT-C Series hot air circulation drying oven 1. Desc riptions: CT-C series hot air circulation drying oven with low noise high temperature resistant axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system the whole cycle system fully enc...


CT、CT-C Series hot air circulation drying oven
1. Descriptions:
CT-C series hot air circulation drying oven with low noise high temperature resistant axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system, the whole cycle system fully enclosed, make the thermal efficiency of the oven from 3%-7% of the traditional drying oven increase to the current 35 to 45%, the highest thermal efficiency may reach 50%. CT-C hot air circulation drying oven's successful design makes our country hot air circulation drying oven reached advanced level between the domestic and international. Save a great deal of energy for our country, and improve the economic benefit of enterprise. In 1990, by the state administration for medicine of the industry published the industrial standard, the unified model number is RXH
2. Features:
1. Most of the hot air circulates in the inner Carton, high thermal efficiency, saving energy.
2. Use the forced ventilation effect, adjustable points of boards in Carton, material dry even.
3. The heat source may be steam, heat conduction oil, electricity, such as far-infrared and many other choices.
4. The noise is small, smooth operation. The temperature can be automatic control, easy installation and maintenance.
5. Wide application for various materials, is the general dry equipment.
3. Application:
Hot air circulation drying oven is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and other materials and products' drying and solidification and dry dehydration. such as bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, crude drugs, traditional Chinese crude drugs slice processed for decoction, extracts, powder, granule, electuary, water bindered pills, packing bottle, pigment, fuel, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruit and melons, sausage, plastic, original electric equipment and baking finish etc.
4. Illustration
1. Heating resource has steam, electricity, far infrared, electric and steam dual purpose, the user can choose from above.
2. Using temperature: steam heating 50 ° C to 140 ° C, highest to 150 ° C.
3.Electricity and the far infrared temperature 50-350 ° C
4. Equipped with automatic control system and computer control system for customers to choose.
5.Commonly used steam pressure 0.02-0.8 Mpa (0.2-8 kg/cm ²).
6. With an electrical heating, under the type I the electricity is 15 KW, practical 5-8 KW/h.
7 .Special requirements should illustrate in ordering.
8. Non-standard oven price negotiable.
9. Using temperature more than 140 ° C or less than 60 ° C, should make a footnote before order.
10. Our factory produces the unified size oven car and tray, can be interchanged.
11. The oven plate size: 460 x 640 x 45 (mm).

6. Technical parameters
Model Drying capacity(kg/lot) Electric heating power(kw) Fan power(kw) Overall dimensions W*D*H(mm) Equipped drying trolley(set) Drying plate equipped (pc) Temperature automatic control box Total weight(kg)
CT-C-O 60 6-9 0.45 1380*1200*2000 1 24 available 820
CT-C-I 120 15 0.45 2260*1200*2000 2 48 available 1580
CT-C-II 240 30 0.45*2 2260*2200*2000 4 96 available 1800
CT-C-III 360 45 0.45*3 2260*3200*2000 6 144 available 2100
CT-C-IV 480 60 0.45*4 4480*2200*2270 8 192 available 2800
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