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XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Dryer

XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Dryer 1. The principle of work Rotating flash dryer suits for cake shape paste slurry materials and special design of a continual drying equipment. Clean hot medium from the tangent direction into th...


XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Dryer
1. The principle of work
Rotating flash dryer suits for cake  shape, paste, slurry materials and special design of a continual drying equipment. Clean hot medium from the tangent direction into the dry room, with mechanical agitation agencies to form strong vortex type eddy airflow. Wet material feeder quantitative join by add dry room, in a mixing and vortex air was crushed under the action of dry. The dry room equipped with particle size with top grade, fine powder from top tower to exhaust, from behind separators collection become products, larger particles back to the drying room, continue to be shattered dry.
2. Product features
Dry viscous material: Dryer bottom's cone structure with broken and devices with flow on the wall scour, they can deal with the sticky materials.
Dry heat sensitive material: because the drying time is short, and the material and hot air relative speed and hottest big air does not have direct contact with dry material, it can be used to deal with thermal sensitive material.
Dry strength: because the drying process of material is broken, flush, collision, surface area increases: at the same time the hottest direct contact with the air has been dry material, can make into wind temperature higher than materials melting point, so the equipment dry intensity.
Effective control of water and end fineness: through the drying tower set built-in content (vortex of chromatography, ceramic ring or classification device), and into the wind coordinated with temperature, moisture and end to final fineness make effective control.
Environmental protection compliance: system in the press operation, and according to the different material using different schemes and dust removal material (pulse bag filter, the water curtain precipitator, wet dust catcher, etc), can eliminate the environmental pollution.
Dry viscous material: according to different materials, add a feeder and feeder take different forms, can achieve automatic and continuous and smooth feeding the material requirements.
Best power match: according to different material properties (density, pile of the density, viscosity and fineness, water, water, at the beginning of the end rest Angle and so on), equipped with blower, induced draft fan, mixer, add feeder, to match the best power.
3. Application example
Inorganic: cryolite and the fine calcium carbonate, tellurium dioxide, manganese dioxide, fluorine sodium silicate, kaolin, zirconium silicate,:, aluminium silicate , alkali type magnesium carbonate, refined salt, borax, sodium metabisulphite, light calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, zinc phosphate, sodium sulfate, the content and zinc sulfide ,sulfate, cuprous chloride, fine bleaching pink, boric acid, borax, hydrogen peroxide, light magnesium carbonate, tribasic lead sulfate, ferric oxide , quartz sand, white, oxidation iron oxide red, oxidation and antimony, stearic acid calcium, magnesium zinc and so on.
Organic matter: monoamino-anthraquinone, benzoic acid, oxalic acid, sodium, long chain dibasic acid, acetic acid lead, hydroquinone, anthraquinones, sodium dichloro cyanurate, calcium pantothenate, cyclohexanone, mesodicitrile ,methyl benzoic acid, citric acid calcium and sodium dichloroisocyanurate, dichloroisocyanuric different salicylic acid sodium, 2, 3-acid, DSD acid, H acid, J acid, R acid, T acid, Y acid, acetyl aniline.
Polymer: PE, powder styrenebutadiene rubber products, phenolic resin, PVC resin, polyvinyl acetate.
Dyes and pigments: indigo, chromium acid lead, chromium acid strontium, active red X-3 B, active bright blue KN-R, and made sol bright red, yellow, black, alkaline medium citric yellow, acidic black 10 B, acidic medium black T, phthalocyanine blue, iron oxide, ferric oxide yellow, cationic red GTL, cationic blue X-GRRL, direct frozen yellow G, neutral black.
Medical: amino than forest, the protein powder, nucleotide, birds).
Pesticide: atrazine, and abamectin, batan, chlorothalonil, benthiazide, dithiazine, pyrimidazine, glyphosate, mancozeb, mancozeb, speroxazolicin, sperculein, medovir, germicide, insecticide, insecticide single, insecticide double, tin triphenylacetate, mite net, tricyclazole, diglyphosate, metol.
Chemical agents: Silica, accelerator D, accelerator TMTD, molecular sieve, active clay, curing accelerator CZ, curing accelerator DM, curing accelerator M, curing accelerator TMTD, curing accelerator ZDC, lead disalt phosphates, stearate .
Food and feed additive: soybean protein isolated, methionine chelating copper, starch, yeast powder, glucose.
4. Technical parameters
Type XSG-2 XSG-4 XSG-6 XSG-8 XSG-10 XSG-12 XSG-14
Main machine of the inner diameters(mm) 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400
Max wind capacity(m³) 500 2000 4500 7550 12500 20000 36000
Height(m) 4 4.8 5.8 6.5 7.1 7.8 8.8
Powder(kw) 10 20 40 65 85 105 150
Occupied areas(m) 15 20 28 35 40 52 80
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